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How To Keep Your PPC Process Safe?

December 6, 2018 | Technology | No Comments

Are you facing PPC fraud? If yes, then you should take any step immediately. When it comes to protecting the PPC process, then the name of clickcease counted in the top PPC protection systems. There is nothing better than software that helps you get access to the security of PPC. in this article you will gain information about PPC protection packages.

Monthly PPC Protection pricing list

$29.00 per month is the first and cheapest package of PPC protection system. In this package, you will get protection for 30 days and Unlimited Domains. Instead of this, the company will also provide you the cross domain and real time IP address blocking options. The option of a personal account manager will give you more compatibility in the process of PPC protection.

$239.00 per month is very useful and valuable PPC protection package. It is also available with all those options which you get in a cheap box like personal account manager. However, there are some more options which you get in the expensive package such as dedicated phone support, manual fraud risk reviews, priority email & chat support and so on. For more information about the PPC protection packages, you can go online.

Yearly PPC protection pricing list

If we talk about the annual packages, then you can get it in just $288 per 12 months. Well, it is the best choice because it is saving your $60.00. It is the cheapest package that you get, but there is also an option of $200 per month, which leads to $2400, 00 per year. Make sure. You will save around $500 every year. This could be the best and effective option for your PPC fraud issue. Once you get proper protection, then you can comfortably sit back and stay satisfied.

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