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The Cosmic Church of Truth is a metaphysical, spiritual, nondenominational church where we strive to present the truth about the issues of our world today. We believe in Spiritual and other alternative forms of healing, and the use of sciences such as Numerology and Astrology as tools in our search for truth and guidance. We hold periodic channeling sessions and psychic fairs (fayres), as well as weekly psychic development classes to help seekers open up to, and learn from, intuitive messages from Spirit. We have a wonderful group of ministers, teachers, and consultants, each possessing specific gifts, knowledge, and teaching techniques, who present lectures, classes, and other activities at CCOT. We believe

Welcome to the Cosmic Church of Truth

1637 Hamilton Street
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very strongly in one God, the Creator, regardless of what term you may use for the Divine Source in your life. We believe we are all on a continuing path of spiritual growth as we strive for perfection in this physical world. Regardless of what stage of development you are in, we feel there is much to be gained from fellowship with other spiritual seekers in the process of fulfilling their beingness with love, generosity, caring and light. We invite you to come and join us in unity of purpose; to learn, share, and fill your mind, heart, and spirit with the joyous vibrations of Peace, Love and Light, centered in Truth at The Cosmic Church of Truth. "Truth is a pathway to complete illumination, a pathway to clearness, the clearness of Spirituality."
Phyllis Stanick

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The church's next Psychic Fayre is July 24nd! Please check our Psychic Fayre page for all the 2010 dates!

Beginning June 1, Dolores Morford is conducting a more in-depth Tarot Class based on the Kabalistic tradition. For information, dates & fees please click here.

April-June's Newsletter information has been posted! Some great workshops are being offered! Surf our calendar & newsletter pages for information!

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